Criminal Procedure Investigations Act (CPIA) Disclosure Training

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The Criminal procedures Investigations Act is arguably the most important procedural legislation affecting enforcement and criminal investigations.  They provide Codes of Practice which are to be followed and commence once a decision to investigate criminally is made. The procedures ensure that investigations are carried out fairly and they directly impact on article 6 of the Human Rights Act, ‘The Right to a Fair Trial’.

The Codes of Practice defines a criminal offence and the relevant roles and responsibilities of persons involved in the investigation process. It also sets out the procedures for the recording, retaining and disclosure of relevant material (not used as evidence in the case) to the Prosecuting Solicitor and the defence. It also sets out the length of time any relevant material is to be retained.

This course provides all the relevant information to enable officers to comply with the codes and manage the material throughout the investigation.  This course also explains how to deal with all the material which is not used as evidence in the prosecution file including completion of the correct schedules.

Course content

  • Human Rights Act (A Right to a Fair Trial) and CPIA
  • When does CPIA requirements commence and what are the responsibilities of staff
  •  Examine in depth, the roles of the Officer in Charge, Investigator and Disclosure Officer. What do they mean in practice
  •  Joint working responsibilities
  •  Material obtained and its relevance tests
  • Managing the material throughout the case
  •  Dealing with sensitive and non-sensitive material in line with other legislation such as the Data Protection Act
  •  Common Law Disclosure
  • Maintaining a policy log and its implications under CPIA
  • What does assist the defence or undermine the prosecution case mean?
  • Defence responsibilities
  • Defence statements
  • Completion of the relevant schedules and the Disclosure Officers report
  • Examination of a case study



Who is the Course aimed at

Any person involved with enforcement duties or in conducting or managing any aspect of criminal investigations.



Criminal Procedure Investigations Act (CPIA) Disclosure Training

  • TBA
  • TBA
  • £110for members £150for non-members
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