PACE Training

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This training will explain what PACE covers and how this impacts on enforcement staff in their daily role. They will understand when they may have grounds to suspect an offence has been committed and if so, what the PACE requirements are when speaking to the suspect. The course will also take the delegates through the PACE requirements when dealing with interpreters, juveniles and other vulnerable interviewees. It will explain the role of a Legal Representative and the impact upon the interview process of them being present during the interview.

The course will also explain all the requirements to complete a PACE compliant interview whether in writing or by audio recording, together with post interview procedure.

This course will enable you to

  • Explain what evidence is and how pace applies to all evidence gathered
  • Evaluate when asking questions becomes a PACE interview
  • Explain when to caution someone and what it means
  • Outline what is required to carry out a PACE compliant interview, both written and audio recorded
  • Summarise the requirements when dealing with vulnerable interviewees

Who is the Course aimed at

This course is aimed at all staff that have an enforcement function that may require them to speak to persons on site, that may have committed offences or interview them.


Kevin Hall, PHF Training

PACE Training

  • TBA
  • TBA
  • £110for members £150for non-members
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