Presenting and Communicating with Impact

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  • 14th Feb 19
  • 10.00am- 4:30pm
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We spend our lives talking to people – clients, colleagues, the general public. Yet we often don’t know what it is like being ‘on the receiving end’ of us – we don’t know how hard other people are having to work to pay attention to us. This inspirational theatre based workshop, will explore practical ways of developing your personal impact and leadership skills in a variety of situations. It will also focus on using these skills when presenting as well as specific work on using PowerPoint effectively including the 3 power positions, bullets and words per bullet, use of images and the dance between you, the audience, the screen and the flipchart.

The aim of the workshop is to tap in to our natural communication skills, identify what does and doesn’t work for each participant and learn simple rehearsal techniques for presentations, meetings or difficult conversations. We will take participants through a toolkit of tried and trusted exercises on body language, status, gesture, energy and voice to bring new awareness and flexibility to the messages we give off. This ‘tool-kit” is invaluable in helping people make small changes which have a significant impact on the people they communicate with. Finally participants will have an opportunity to practice the tool kit and get some personal feedback. This is an enormously rewarding, confidence-boosting and thought-provoking part of the session as participants see and hear tangible improvements in their personal impact. Throughout the session we refer back to the workplace, so participants understand the relevance of each exercise/toolkit and how it works for them.

This course will enable you to

  • Know what works for and against them when communicating
  • Help communicate with clients and colleagues more effectively
  • Develop self-confidence in all areas of communication (meetings,1:1, team meetings, formal presentations)
  • Learn specific techniques for more effective Presentations
  • Develop and enhance personal leadership skills
  • Apply techniques explored in the workshop to real work situations
  • Rehearse critical conversations with constructive feedback

Who is the Course aimed at

This workshop is aimed at anyone who would like to improve their personal impact and make a lasting impression when in meetings, appraisals and when delivering presentations to colleagues or to the general public. It will help you understand what makes YOU have a positive impact and what might sometimes get in the way.


Amanda Wilsher

Amanda has done pioneering work in various sectors of the business community. She trained and worked as an actor, then set up a theatre centre for young people. She has run her own business for 32 years working extensively as a teacher and director both here and abroad. She is Joint Artistic Director with comedy outfit ‘Plested and Brown’ for whom she has co-written and directed all their shows to date. Plested and Brown has had both national and international success. She is Artistic Director and writer for mask company The Village Idiots. Her unique approach to personal development and business training brings together her creative talents as a theatre practitioner and skill as a facilitator/ trainer. She designs and delivers workshops on Personal Impact, Presentation Skills, Crucial Conversations, Storytelling in Leadership and Dealing with conflict. She also runs Forum theatre and Real-Play training sessions.

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Presenting and Communicating with Impact

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