Attending Court and Giving Evidence

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  • 9.30am-4.30pm
  • £110for members £150for non-members
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This course will acquaint staff with requirements needed for presentation of evidence and facts contained within witness statements at criminal court

Course content

  • Codes of Practice content including relevant roles and responsibilities
  • Authorisations, notices and schedule forms
  • What data can be obtained under which section of the legislation?
  • Network and phone technology
  • What data is held by the service providers including Royal Mail etc.?
  • Identifying objectives with regard to communications data, what do you want & why?
  • Completing the application and schedule for
  • Provenance of the intelligence
  • Relevant time periods
  • Assessing the application form ( Necessity, Proportionality & Collateral Intrusion)
  • Responsibilities once the data is obtained
  • Identifying evidential and intelligence material from the acquired data
  • Use of open source research to obtain communications data
  • Profiling phone records (bills) including pre- pay, to identify users
  • Dealing with excess data
  • DPA & implications under CPIA (Disclosure)
  • Reporting errors & oversight and inspection
  • Statements including ‘Springsteen’ statements
  • Where is it currently going wrong?

Who is the Course aimed at

Any person who is required to present their evidence in court.


Paul Fowler , PHF Training

Paul served over 24 years as a police officer with a specialist background in investigation and surveillance at a very high level, concluding his career with the National Crime Squad

Paul now holds a number of teaching qualifications and runs his own successful training and investigation company with is accredited with the Open College Network (OCN). PHF Training delivers numerous training courses associated with all types of investigation and enforcement, and in the specialist area of fraud.

Due to the company’s expertise in surveillance and investigation they are regarded as having expertise with regard to the legislation associated with privacy issues.

In the public sector Paul’s company has delivered training to in access of 280 Local Authorities and numerous Government agencies.



Programme for the day

Attending Court and Giving Evidence

  • TBA
  • TBA
  • 9.30am-4.30pm
  • £110for members £150for non-members
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