Managing Conflict Within Teams

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Dealing effectively with difficult conversations can be very challenging, time consuming and energy sapping. On this course you will learn to deal effectively with problem behaviour in a clear but non-confrontational manner. The focus is on identifying and managing specific behaviours in order to build productive relationships and boost performance.

You will learn how to manage difficult situations and conflict from two standpoints – when you need to approach someone about an issue and when they are bringing an issue to you. You will have clear and simple frameworks and strategies to use to manage conflict and have gained confidence to use them effectively.

This course will enable you to

  • Increase assertiveness
  • Understand better the motivation behind difficult behaviour
  • Reduce the tension in difficult conversations
  • Understand how people respond to conflict
  • Put into practice an inspired structure to handle difficult conversations
  • Handle a range of difficult issues including under performance and low morale
  • Mediate between two or more staff members.

Who is the Course aimed at

All managers and supervisors who are involved with managing difficult conversations and challenging behaviour.


Eamonn Dennis, The Conflict Training Company

Eamonn Dennis has over 15 years’ managing and working in customer service teams including Mars Confectionary, BT and BP. he has worked as a mediator for 8 years at senior management level across all industries and been a director of the Conflict Training Company since it was formed in 2007.  His qualifications include a Degree in Management Science from Trinity College, Dublin, and qualifications in the Delivery of Conflict Management and Counselling.

The Conflict Training Company is a Nationally Accredited Conflict Training Company Ltd. Established in 2004 we specialise in training managers and staff to improve their skills and confidence when dealing with conflict. Working UK wide we provide in-house training courses for all public and private sector organisations.  Our conflict management training courses are highly participative workshops. Attendees have an opportunity to explore how they personally respond to conflict and to practice skills during individual and group exercises. We believe that fun is an important part of the training and strive to provide a highly motivational learning experience in which attendees retain information easier.

Managing Conflict Within Teams

  • TBA
  • TBA
  • £95for members £110for non-members
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