Taking and Writing Witness Statements

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  • 9.30am-4.30pm
  • £110for members £150for non-members
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Written statements that are clear, concise and accurately record events are vital in several areas of Council work. This training course aims to provide the knowledge and guidance for the professional presentation of evidence and facts contained within witness statements.

Course Content

  • The rules of evidence in relation to both Criminal and Civil type statements.
  • What constitutes evidence and its admissibility?
  • The rules relating to ‘hearsay evidence’.
  • The rules relating to ‘business document evidence’, and how to cover it correctly within a statement.
  • What is an exhibit? Dealing with its continuity, and how to produce them correctly in line with the legislation.
  • Planning prior to writing a statement.
  • The structure required to produce a quality statement.
  • Linking the contents to the records retained throughout the investigation.
  • The difference between producing a statement on behalf of the organisation, such as a statement of complaint, and individual testimony.
  • Identity evidence and how it should be included (R v Turnbull).
  • Court procedures re the use of witness statements.
  • Consequences of getting it wrong.

This course will enable you to

Prepare clear, concise and accurate witness statements

Who is the Course aimed at

This one day course is for any person that may be required to take or prepare a witness statement or to write their own statements for proceedings


Paul Fowler , PHF Training

Paul served over 24 years as a police officer with a specialist background in investigation and surveillance at a very high level, concluding his career with the National Crime Squad

Paul now holds a number of teaching qualifications and runs his own successful training and investigation company with is accredited with the Open College Network (OCN). PHF Training delivers numerous training courses associated with all types of investigation and enforcement, and in the specialist area of fraud.

Due to the company’s expertise in surveillance and investigation they are regarded as having expertise with regard to the legislation associated with privacy issues.

In the public sector Paul’s company has delivered training to in access of 280 Local Authorities and numerous Government agencies.



Programme for the day

Taking and Writing Witness Statements

  • TBA
  • TBA
  • 9.30am-4.30pm
  • £110for members £150for non-members
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