New Features – Easier Bookings!

With the launch of our exciting new website, we’ve been able to modernise and improve our bookings process for all training with STC.

Here we take you through the core features of our site.

Search or filter – simple & easy

We’ve made it really simple to find new training opportunities in a variety of ways.
You can search from here:



Or you can search through the filters on our browse training pages :

You can filter by Category, Location, Availability (helping you know what training we can offer you in the future, even if there’s no date set yet) and by date.

Quick View

You can also see a ‘quick view’ of all courses by clicking the Quick View link on the browse training page, which presents all courses in a succinct list for you as you can see here.

Booking on

We’ve built a simple booking system into the new site, which allows you to create a new account for when you want to book yourself or a colleague onto any training.

When you find the event you want to come to, you click book. You will then see a screen that asks you to login or continue and sign up. When you are booking for the first time you need to select ‘continue and sign up’  then follow the simple steps to sign up as a member of the bookings system.  This helps us to make your life simpler for communicating all that you need to know – and is how we’ll issue your CPD certificate after the course.

Once you have registered for the site, you never need to do this again as the system will remember all your details – no more long forms to fill out each time you book!

Your Account

Your account area will show all the training you have attended with STC (from now and into the future) and is a place where you can view costs of courses in the past and upcoming too

We’re still here!

Whilst we’re very happy with the new site and expect it to be very beneficial to many of you, we’re of course still around to help with any queries or advice you need to get you first booked into a training opportunity with STC and onto our new platform.

You can contact us here