There are inherent risks to any organisation and the investigators/enforcement staff who have the responsibility of carrying out these type of duties. This is constantly highlighted in failed cases with considerable costs awarded against the Public Authority and reputational damage which follows.  This training will provide the delegates with the necessary understanding of all the aspects of legislation, decision making and Human Rights Act issues which will ensure their actions and that of the authority should stand up to any type of scrutiny, whether from a criminal/civil court or some form of tribunal. The training covers the processes from the very beginning of the case to the conclusion.

The programme is delivered in one day courses or modules. Where the modules are identified below as ‘fundamentals’ then we advise new staff to attend  in the order they are scheduled. This will enable progressive learning which will enhance  understanding of the area.  Additional specialist training is to gain a more detailed knowledge of a specific area and these can be attended at any time.

The training can also be used as a refresher or stand alone training where experienced staff only attend selected modules for expertise in a certain subject. The courses are extremely practical and use case studies throughout to enhance your knowledge and understanding.

Training Programme

Current Offerings include:

Interviewing for Investigators (PACE)

Evidence, Process & Procedure

Statement Writing

Case File Preparation

Giving Evidence



If you would like any further information on these programmes then please contact the STC Training Co-Ordinator, Adele Collins at