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The STC has been providing training for local government staff for over ten years. We provide a wide range of courses, including an extensive general programme, Management Programmes and Specialist Training.

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What we offer

Through our partnerships, staff attending the training are able to:

  • Access high quality, affordable training across a wide range of skill sets
  • Attend training locally which otherwise may only be available in areas such as London
  • Engage and network amongst other local authority colleagues

What our attendees say

"Excellent delivery, very engaging and made the session interesting and accessible."

Gary Walton, Resilience Training for Managers

"Excellent course with superb handouts. Interesting to learn about the techniques and understand why they work."

"Excellent delivery, very engaging and made the session interesting and accessible."

WATCH & GO platform

The WATCH & GO platform hosts a series of bitesize videos (mostly under 5 minutes) about personal effectiveness, communication, teamwork, management, leadership, wellbeing and culture.  Alongside the video content, “Sound Advice” podcasts are available on topics such as: wellbeing; remote working; collaboration; hybrid working; mental health; diversity inclusion and equality; resilience; and virtual meetings.  The resources are backed up with learning summaries to read, reflect on, and develop yourself.  If you learn better by “doing” then follow up your viewing and listening with Skills Challenges, which are directly linked to the video content.

To help you navigate the resources, Learning Pathways are available to guide you through specific topic areas.  Pathways are divided into short weekly instalments, typically just taking a few minutes each week.  A certificate is available upon successful completion of each Pathway.

Please click on the link below to access the WATCH & GO Platform.  Please register if you are a first time user.

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