Conflict Resolution Training

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The ethos of the training will be based on simple and effective skills to deal with a range of conflict or potential conflict scenarios. We will focus on sound communication skills and techniques to respond to conflict situations. It will be presented using various methods including facilitation, group exercises and demonstrations with PowerPoint support. The variety of methodology appeals to delegates’ individual learning and communication styles and helps to keep them engaged. The length of time given to each module may vary dependent on the competency and previous training received by the delegates.

This course will enable you to

  • Understand what constitutes conflict and the common causes of conflict and understand how to reduce the risk of conflict occurring.
  • Explore the role of communication in conflict and how to use it effectively.
  • Understand the procedural, environmental and legal context of violence in the workplace.
  • Understand what is required of individuals and organisations following a violent incident and the support available.

Who is the Course aimed at

This half day course is specifically designed for people who face customers, service users or members of the public on a regular basis.



With over 12 years of experience in the field, IKON Training are the Conflict Resolution Training specialists for individuals and organisations who may face conflict, violence and aggression.

They aim to make you and your team safer and more secure by inspiring a greater level of confidence and safety in the workplace through professional training programmes.

All trainers follow  three core values throughout each training session.

  • Always represent the company positively
  • Communicate effectively
  • Be consistent

Conflict Resolution Training

  • TBA
  • TBA
  • £60for members £80for non-members
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