NUDGE Training

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  • 23rd Jan 24
  • 9.30am-12.45pm
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    Remote via MS Teams
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How to influence people’s behaviour using insights from the behavioural sciences.

Changing and shaping people’s behaviour is central to the work of many organisations and businesses. Whether it is getting people to pay their bills on time, improving regulatory compliance, maximising take-up of a service, or increasing the number of customers – they can all be important.

In addition some of the biggest opportunities and challenges facing the private and public sectors can only be achieved by persuading people to change their behaviours, lifestyles and or habits.

Approaches based on behaviour change offer a potentially powerful set of tools and applying the principles can lead to low cost, low pain ways of ‘nudging’ people into new ways of acting, by going with the grain of the way most people think and act.

Many people ask whether the principles used to ‘nudge’ others can be used personally to improve our own behaviour to help us achieve our own goals in life – the answer is: ‘yes they can’. There will be a short section on how this can work.

This training course will outline the background to this fascinating topic; test out in a fun way what motivates delegates behaviour in certain conditions and see how ‘nudgeable’ they are; delegates will be provided with tools and ideas that can be used immediately; there will be opportunities to work on scoping a project; have a go at designing communications based on the principles of behaviour change; and there will be plenty of examples nationally and locally where the concepts have been tried and tested and achieved good results – changing behaviour, improving customer engagement and compliance.


Dr Jeremy Leach, BA, PhD, FCIEH, CEnvH, FRSPH

Jeremy Leach has been interested in human behaviour and what makes us tick for as long as he can remember. That interest was heightened when he became an Environmental Health Practitioner in the late 1970’s and has not diminished since.  Indeed he decided to take a degree in Psychology to take his interest to the next level.

Jeremy has been awarded the degree of Doctor of Philosophy, which he gained from the University of Brighton in collaboration with King’s College, London. In addition, he has studied for and gained, postgraduate certificates in Research Methodology and Social Marketing (with Distinction) also from the University of Brighton.  He is a Fellow of both the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health and the Royal Society for Public Health.

He has trained, advised and assisted many organisations from the public and private sectors on how to use insights from the behavioural sciences to improve the customer experience, improve effectiveness and improve compliance.

Jeremy is a Visiting Lecturer at the University of Brighton. He continues to have numerous papers and articles published in both trade and professional magazines and journals; he has had two books published and is a regular presenter at conferences and seminars.

  • Welcome, introductions and background to the course
  • How well do you know your target audience – Taking a structured approach to behaviour change projects
  • Why don’t people just do what they are told? – An overview of behavioural theories
  • Behavioural economics and the power of ‘nudging’
  • MINDSPACE and EAST – Tools you can use straight away.
  • Examples of insights from the behavioural sciences in use
  • Closing comments

Here are a collection of statements taken from evaluation sheets completed by delegates who have attended the course:

  • “It was very informative and will be extremely useful in our work – thank you.”
  • “Thought provoking insight into how behaviour change can be practically used.”
  • “The trainer was a great speaker – very interesting subject.”
  • “Excellent course with superb handouts. Interesting to learn about the techniques and understand why they work.”
  • “Really useful – lots of potential applications for my day-to-day job.”
  • “A lot of food for thought and looking forward to applying where appropriate in our business.”
  • “It was the best training I have ever had, and I can say I’ve had loads, with 19 years as a magistrate, 18 years as a secondary school teacher, and 9 years at xxxxxx. It was very interesting, informative and humorous, and you allowed us to take part, which I think is essential. I loved every second of the training.”
  • “Very useful course with plenty of real examples to consider.”
  • “First class, thank you.”

NUDGE Training

  • Closed
  • 23rd Jan 24
  • 9.30am-12.45pm
  • Remote Via MS Teams
    Remote via MS Teams
  • £132for members £for non-members
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