Unconscious Bias

  • Closed
  • 16th Feb 22
  • 9.30am-12.30pm
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This workshop will guide delegates in understanding what unconscious bias is and how it creates vulnerabilities throughout an organisation, undermining strategies, processes and resources. It will show you how to identify and gain an awareness of unconscious bias and how to counter it effectively.

In this interactive session, participants will learn how bias, which is embedded in human decision-making, can affect the business. Delegates will train themselves to disrupt their default thinking by identifying when unconscious biases are affecting decisions and systems. As they build awareness, they will develop inclusive leadership skills to mitigate biases in themselves and others.

This course will enable you to

  • Understand how unconscious bias works
  • Understand related risks from Stereotype Threat
  • Examine the difference types of bias, including gender, race and ethnic, stereotyping, self-serving, halo effect, horns effect, ingroup, social, confirmation, projection and hindsight.
  • Plan how to manage unconscious bias in yourself and your organisation
  • Explore experiences and approaches with peers from other organisations
  • Create your own action plans

Who is the Course aimed at

All employees, but particularly anyone involved in the recruitment process and managing staff.

Unconscious Bias

  • Closed
  • 16th Feb 22
  • 9.30am-12.30pm
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